Throughout the 2021 season, all FMBC Regionals should be using a Timing and Penalty judge. We HAVE lowered the minimum time limit to 5:00 minutes, from the previous 6:00 minutes.
All Regionals up through 10/31 are not required to access penalties, but rather to notify you if there are rules infractions. Any shows in November will be accessing penalties so you know what you might expect if attending State Championships.
Bands may “bump up” above their declared Class through October 31st (ie: a Class 2A band competing in a 3A division at a Regional)¬† Any shows in November, including State Championships, will assess penalties for numbers over your declared¬†Class size.
If you are missing students due to quarantine or illness, and your numbers are UNDER the class you have declared, make sure to reach out to the Show Host, and/or the T&P judge. The under class count penalty will be waived.
All other FMBC Rules can be found HERE.