Dear 2A and 3A and TSB Directors and staff/parents/etc,

When looking at the weather forecasts, we knew we needed to work on a contingency plan at the Broward County Stadium for Finals. The prelims at Coral Springs already has a gymnasium planned for running a Standstill Music Contingency. It’s been in our rules for quite a few years (see below link.)

The contingency for the Broward County Stadium Finals will be Lauderhill Performing Arts Center between the warm-up, bus parking area, and the Field…very convenient. We have procured it in case the weather is not conducive to marching on the field. The attachment shows a drawing of the inside of the auditorium. We will have staff to lead the bands in through the back, onto the stage, and then out front to exit. There is an area where you can have a short warm-up for about 15 minutes before you head into the auditorium…not ideal, but better than nothing. You will have 3 music judges and one visual judge, so think ahead with lunges, turns, horn pops, etc. Your percussion and guard will also be judged. However, there can be NO auxiliary tosses permitted inside the auditorium. There will be a 5 pt penalty for any flagrant violations of the rules. (See Map Below of the Auditorium.)

Please understand that all bands have permission this weekend to use umbrellas, tarps, any kinds of covering that can help keep your electrons, etc safe for the inclement weather. We’re here to help you through the process!

IF, the weather is a go for part of your class, and some bands get to do a field show…and then the weather gets cranky and we follow through with an indoor performance for the remaining portion, FMBC will name Field Class Champions for your Class, and Indoor Class Champions for those that perform indoors…there is no way to compare the two.

We are hoping this helps answer the questions that have been going through all our minds.

Thanks for your diligence and your patience, and remember, “Go Big or Go Home!!!”

FMBC 2022 Rain Plan 2A 3A TSB Bad-Weather-Instructions